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Left: Dieter Maes, the new Renson Outdoor General Manager, and right: Paul Renson, Renson Group CEO

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Unique ‘NOA outdoor living’ inspiration park is cherry on top of new Renson Outdoor site

The production of Renson ‘outdoor living spaces’ has been up and running for a while, and the offices have also been bristling with life for six months or so. But there’s more to come yet: from November, an impressive inspiration park that goes by the name of ‘NOA outdoor living’ will open for business at the brand-new Renson Outdoor site in Kruisem/Nazareth (BE). ‘NOA outdoor living’ is an initiative by Renson showcasing 12 realistic garden settings, in partnership with over 30 other brands in high-end outdoor living. Visitors can expect to be immersed in the very best outdoor living has to offer.

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