The Renson account provides your access to all relevant platforms and/or tools created by Renson.
It is possible to request your Renson Account via the tool you would like to access. The validation of the request by Renson should take no longer than 48 hours.

It is possible your Renson Account is not yet linked to the RIO platform. Request access via the platform or via your internal spokesperson within Renson.
No, it is possible to link several entities to one Renson Account. One can switch easily between different entities in the right top corner by clicking on your name. It might be necessary to ask permission for different companies on your behalf.


Navigate to the New Quote button on the RIO platform.
If you made a quote, order or service complaint in the past, it is advised to start from an existing project. If you are starting an unrelated new project, you can start from scratch. This allows you and Renson to keep all information stored within one project over a longer period of time.
Renson will offer the customer an alternative that they can input in the system.
Copy the quote, which will then have to be validated again.
Scroll and click via the pictures or use the filter function which allows you to be more specific.
A quote will expire after two months.
Yes, the copy will also copy the remark. This means your remark will be under review once more before validation. Tip: Ask for an extension of the expiration date of the quote to your internal account for more difficult cases with remarks.
This will be the drawing of your configuration in RIO without the remark in mind. An adapted drawing that includes the remark will only be made by Renson in order phase.
Transport cost will be recalculated when you delete or add something to the basket.


After you selected your product, the product configurator will guide you through the process in seven easy steps.
No, you can always return to one of the previous steps you would like to alter. It is also possible to click on a single line in the overview to pop back to the relevant sector.
All remarks should be kept until the end of your quote process. It is not possible to ask for any specials during the configuration. This can only be done in step five of the process after you finished the standard configuration.
The remark needs to be validated by Renson. A Renson employee will look into your demand in detail. During this process the quote will receive the status “under review”. After validation the quote will receive the status “valid”. It is also possible the quote receive the status “rejected” when your remark is not feasible.
The quote can only be ordered after it received the status “valid”. As long as the order is under review, it cannot become an order.
This can only be done in the last phase of the process. When you are adding your remark, you can also find a field where you can add attachments.
This can only be done for a quote in draft. A valid quote cannot be changed. A valid quote should be copied and then altered.
Renson suggest searching by powder code number as this will give you the best results. If the color would not be a Renson Top 300 color, it is necessary to add this as a remark.

Delivery Options

This is possible in step four of the quote/order process. (Delivery options)
Yes, this option is available in step 4. The cost will be included in your quote/order overview.

Follow up quotes/orders/projects

Navigate to the my projects button. There you will be able to follow up projects based on ID, status and lots of other criteria.

Search functionalities

Use the quick search in the left top corner. Search via project ID, reference or other criteria. We advise you to use a reference for the project that you can easily remember. (Location, name of the end customer, internal reference)

How do I adjust or cancel my order?

This can only be done by taking direct contact with your internal representative. It is not possible to cancel an order in RIO. The cancellation of an order will result in a fee that depends on the status of your order in production.
Adjustments are not possible on RIO, so make sure your order is final before placing the order. If an adjustment would really be necessary, the order needs to be cancelled. After cancellation, copy the order and make the necessary changes. In case of any doubt, Renson suggests to use the quote flow.


Search for the project/quote/order via my projects or the quick search tab. Click on the correct quote/order/project. You will find all sorts of useful documents there.
This can be found under the my projects tab. Keep in mind that it takes about one hour to generate the drawings. The drawings are only generated for standard configurations.


It is possible to send a message to Renson via the RIO platform. As soon as there is a link to a project, quote or order, we strongly advise the use the internal message system of RIO. This allows us the keep all information centralized.


The invoice is generated after the goods have been picked up or sent. Only then will the invoice appear on the RIO platform under my projects.
In case you are a customer who works with a pro forma, this will be generated automatically and sent via e-mail after you place an order. There is no manual intervention needed by Renson.