The homepage or dashboard will provide an overview of the main actions within RIO. It allows for a very quick visual and transparent start of your day within RIO.

  1. Search bar (e.g. Project ID, reference,..)
  2. Overview buttons
    1. “Dashboard” button will take you to your homepage
    2. “My Projects” will bring you to an overview page of all your projects
    3. “Messages” will bring you to your inbox.
    4. “News” takes you to an overall news page of Renson
  3. “New Quote” will allow you to start a Quote
  4. “New Order” will allow you to start an order, without having made a quote.
  5. “New Service Request” will allow you to register a Service Request.
  6. The files overview gives you a quick look at open cases on your account.
  7. The Status overview will show your files and its statuses.
  8. The message box provides a quick view on your latest messages.


In your quote/order the product will be defined via a configurator. The configurator will guide you through our products from start to finish.

  1. Configuration toolbar allows you to follow your configuration in 7 quick steps
  2. The question mark provides more information when you click on it for that respective question.
  3. It is easy to switch between metric and imperial dimensions if needed.
  4. You can proceed or return within your configuration by pushing these buttons

Order/Quote overview

Within “My Projects” it is easy to follow up your quotes, orders and any information related to your projects.

  1. In this overview all useful information is visible with regard to your project.
  2. The green button allows you to turn your quote into an order. Be aware this is a final decision. As long as the quote is under review, the green button will not appear.
  3. In this spot you are able to download all useful documents with regard to your project. (Drawings, Quote)
  4. Delivery information is shown in the delivery information section.

Service Request Flow

1. What is changing for service requests?

Service requests start and are monitored in RIO at all times. In the diagram below you can see how the other steps in the process differ depending on the delivery date of your original order. For each request, the type, status and associated documents (e.g. order confirmation, reports) are visible in RIO.

* In this case, the warranty number is automatically added in RIO after entering your project or client name and order reference at the start of your application (see figure below).

2. When to select which type of service request in RIO?

New Service Request
Intervention Service part order Complaint
You don’t have a complete understanding of the solution to the problem/defect on site and would like assistance from a Renson technician. You do know exactly how and with which parts the problem/defect can be solved and can immediately proceed with the order of it.
  1. You don’t know exactly how and with which parts the problem/defect can be solved.
  2. You don’t know if a Renson technician is required on site.
  3. You want to submit another kind of complaint.

3. How does a service part request differ from a regular (after sales) order?

You would need to request a service part in the event of a defect or malfunction where you need a part with the same characteristics as in the original order, whether or not within the warranty time frame. In other cases we advise you to place an (after sales) order.

Below you can find a schematic representation.

You can find the current conditions and intervention costs in the 2021 price lists we shared with you at the end of October here on our professional portal (or here on Renson customers).

Important information on processing and delivery times

Stocked service parts that don’t require machining will be delivered immediately after ordering. Due to the start-up of our new production site, the delivery time for the configurable service parts will temporarily be longer than usual.

Order configurable service parts Latest delivery date
Before 31 December 2020 End of February
During January and February End of March