Everything starts with clear agreements and a user-friendly follow-up. Not only does this help you communicate more clearly and quickly with your customers regarding ongoing quotes and orders, it also makes it easier for you to train (new) employees.

  • From now on, all quotes, orders and service requests relating to the same project will be gathered together in one single folder on our RIO order platform.
  • Whether it is a quote, an order or an aftersales request: you’ll now have a clear overview of their exact status at any time in the order process.
  • Right from the initial product configuration, you will get an indicative price – even before you submit a quote, order or service request.
  • No more losing valuable time by needing to request additional information from a Renson employee. You will get a clear overview of what forms part of your quote and what doesn’t, and you’ll no longer have to wait to get an indicative price.
  • As soon as you start entering an order, we will give you an indication of the latest delivery date or estimated shipment date, depending on the delivery address.
  • As soon as your order is confirmed, Renson engages to deliver your product or have your product available by the deadline stated and at the price stated (depending on your location). That way, you can plan your activities more ahead and more efficiently.
  • Clear communication, centralized in one place on the order platform, will help you stay on top of things and will make it easier to find the information you need.

Streamlining is the key word to give an indicative price: intuitive, fast and easy.

You will have much more freedom to amend your quotes, right up to the point where they perfectly suit your customers’ needs. However, once you have submitted your order, no further changes can be made. This enables Renson to commit to the delivery date* and price specified.

More information can be found here.

*This only applies to deliveries by road, and not to other types of delivery (sea or air transport).


There will be a transparent communication of all costs, extras, and fees. As a result of this clarity, non-inclusive service or intervention costs can be avoided.

In terms of logistics as well, there will be no more surprises.

  • As all road transport costs will be crystal clear right from the start, you can now choose to charge them to your customers.

More information can be found here.

The RIO order platform will go live from 4 January 2021 for our Renson Outdoor products. The transition from our e-Reps, our old order system, to the new RIO (Renson Interface Online) system will be phased out gradually in different stages. Click here to find out what this will mean for you.

You can find all the training content, as well as the registration forms for the training webinars, under the Training courses section on our website.