C+ ventilation system
Natural supply of fresh air in combination with demand-controlled discharge of polluted indoor air

The C+ ventilation system differs from the classic C system because the discharge is a demand-controlled function. The supply is achieved in the same way: with self-regulating window ventilation grilles. When people are present in a given room (and the exhaled air ensures a high CO2 content) and / or (depending on the type of sensors per room) moisture or odors are detected, the ventilation level will be automatically increased to perform the necessary discharge of the polluted air. However, when nobody is at home and / or the moisture level is favorable and there are no odors, the central ventilation unit operates at the minimum level and, consequently, less air is discharged.

Advantages of the C+ ventilation system

Enough reasons to acquire the C+ system for your home? But there is more. With the C+ system you also save a lot of energy, the indoor air quality is continuously optimal and the E level decreases to 24 E points for a house and even to 27 points for an apartment. Additional benefits: the C+ ventilation system is quiet and maintenance-friendly.

Renson's C+ ventilation system

In the C+ system, the natural supply of fresh air takes place via the self-regulating Invisivent window ventilation grilles. Fresh air enters the dry rooms in the house (living room, dining room, bedroom …) and proceeds to the wet rooms of the home (toilet, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, storage room …) where the polluted indoor air is discharged via the central Healthbox drainage unit. The core of this Renson C+ system emits polluted air only when necessary, based on continuous measurements of CO2, moisture and VOC levels in the indoor air per (wet) room in the house via sensors. Renson also focuses on renovation projects, and offers a roof duct with an integrated fan that allows for demand-controlled ventilation!

Indoor climate tailored to the residents

Would you like to know more about the C+ ventilation system in general or about specific Renson solutions? On our website you will find a lot of information. Of course, you can always contact us with your specific question.


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