Do-it-yourself ventilation? Do it with Renson!

With do-it-yourself ventilation you create – with or without the support or advice of a professional – a healthy indoor climate. Or you optimize it if the base is already present. At Renson you will find all the products you need to succeed.

Our products

For do-it-yourself ventilation, Renson has the total solution, depending on the desired result! Built-in and surface-mounted wall grilles, interior design grills, hood grilles, fan grilles, acoustic door grilles, sliding grilles, exhaust valves, air grilles and fans with a timer and humidity sensor. Of course, you will also find all accessories for flawless installation, such as the new Easyflex ducts, mounting brackets, cover plates, pipe sections and, naturally, our design facade and roof ducts. In short, everything for the DIY ventilation specialist


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Would you like to know more about do-it-yourself ventilation?

On our website you will find all our do-it-yourself products, however, as an experienced player in indoor climate solutions, we also offer a lot of advice in terms of materials and installation. So, please feel free to contact us for an appointment and / or download the product brochure(s) for more technical information.


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Please note, if you want window ventilation on your existing windows, only a ventilation grille can be provided above the glass.
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